#15 – Galton Voysey Has a Proven Replicable Model of Taking Undiscovered Brands and Turning Them Into Household Names

A chat with William Wolfram about Article 7 in Galton Voysey’s Manifesto – “Galton Voysey has a proven model of turning undiscovered brands into household names”.


Kat: The 7th article is that “Galton Voysey has a proven replicable model of taking undiscovered brands and turning them into household names” and I’m just going to read a little bit more. We build brands with countless fans on social media and staunch loyal followings. So, why? What does that mean for our process?

William: Well someone said that the world will never again change as slowly as it is right now. So enjoy the slow pace of change because it’s going to get faster and faster. As it changes, it is very important that individuals are always learning and companies are always learning. So, Galton Voysey has at this stage and I hope we can continue being at the leading edge and surely that’s my intention. At this stage, we have a proven replicable model to take undiscovered brands or brand that are known by very few people, put them into our model direct-consumer, e-commerce, global, free shipping and make them into household names for hundreds of thousands of people within that category. We’ve got the mould and we can work with founders and plug and play different brands into this model.

I think if we continue learning and developing we are going to be able to maintain our advantage and be able to add a little value to the customers and founders.

Kat: I think that touches a bit on what one of my favourite bits about working here is that you are constantly learning not just because of the environment and the culture we have, but obviously that is a really big part of it. But because of the nature of what we do and because we have that flexibility and the ability to say and admit “hey, we don’t really know how the entire world is going to be, we’re ready to tackle anything head on!” That’s really, really great!

William: We are expecting a lot of change and we are looking forward to it. The more things change and the companies that adapt quickly and learn quickly are the ones who are going to own the future and be able to provide the best customer experience, the best cost, the best quality and the best service and platform for brands and founders.

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