#3 – The Social Side of Working at Galton Voysey

A quick chat with Jane Cheung about the social side of working at Galton Voysey – including a bit more about our board game night and our annual offsite trip!



Jane: Don’t you press the play button?

Kat: No it’s already going.

Jane: Oh, OK.


Kat: Hi! So I’m here today with Jane, who is part of Operations. So today I thought we would talk a bit more about the social side of Galton Voysey. So, for example, we do board game evenings which I know is quite unique, but is there anything else that we do that you haven’t really seen in other companies?

Jane: Um…yeah. I’ve never had a company – I’ve never been at a company that’s done board game nights before so that’s always nice. It’s actually not really a board game night – it’s more like happy hour that the whole concept of once a month – um- we come together. The whole office basically gets a lot more chilled and we start evolving out of work and into – just – um, banter and board games.

Kat: Yeah, like getting to know each other.

Jane: Yeah.

Kat: And some people are super competitive.

Jane: Yes! Wow – you’d be so surprised. And it’s kind of nice that we don’t only just do that in the offices. We actually, like, come out and have drinks together, um, birthdays –

Kat: Oh yeah, we have, like, the birthday cake for everyone’s birthday with I really enjoy.

Jane: Yeah, they come out during the day which is always nice. Um my old company also did cakes, but then, here, its just that everyone makes the effort to clear the schedule to really be there, which makes it a lot – even though you know it – it just still makes you feel super special.

Kat: So, well, I know that we came back from Phuket because I was on the trip –

Jane: So do I! What a coincidence.


Kat: But, um, have you done anything like that in the past – did you find it helpful? Maybe you can explain a bit about what it was.

Jane: Um, so, I think we called it the GV off-site –

Kat: Yeah, that’s right.

Jane: Um, and we went to Phuket for a week and that was actually super fun, basically we spent a whole week of five days just in that villa, getting to know each other, strategising together, doing activities together. It really built, our like, team – team kind of –

Kat: Spirit.

Jane: Yeah – the spirit. But I also feel like it doesn’t just stay as the people who went – so like there was a –

Kat: Yeah that’s actually a really good point.

Jane: Like, one of our colleagues didn’t go and um for me, before I went to the offsite, I actually still didn’t know him very well. After I came back because I was so comfortable with everyone else already, it kind of just bought him in already to that same level

Kat: Yeah that’s so true.

Jane: Because, like, when you hold back – or when you start conversations, or you start the banter in the office, you start it with everyone and it very naturally inclusive. Yeah, it’s quite nice – like, I think the moment where I came back and we actually had this mutual understanding that our friendship went up a level even though he didn’t go, I was super happy. I was like – ok guys –


Kat: ‘I made a friend!’

Jane: ‘I made a friend!’


Jane: I was super happy about that – but yeah, the social aspect, definitely, definitely there.

Kat: Yeah. Great! Thank you very much for joining today.

Jane: Yeah! Thank you very much for having me.


Kat: Don’t hit the table because it makes the –

*Jane proceeds to hit the table*

Kat: Yeah…


Kat: So unhelpful!

Jane: I just got it – I got it out of my system!

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