#4 – Working at Galton Voysey: Being a Student for life

Part 1 of a short chat with Kim about what it’s like working at Galton Voysey



Kim: A lot of people asked me when I got hired how did you shoot…


Kat: Don’t touch the table…




Kat: Hi, so today I’m here with Kim who is a growth hacker from Galton Voysey so I would like to talk about what it’s like to work here.


Kim: I think the great thing is the company is really willing to invest in you, to learn.

There’s a lot of stuff that I basically learnt along the way, because it wasn’t like we had an immediate mentor. What the company basically told us is that, you should really learn. Right, like we will invest in things that you think you need, that’s so important right


Kat: Exactly


Kim: I had like a really minimal knowledge on coding like I do not have a coding background anyway


Kat: Did you finish your course?


Kim: Yeah


Kat: You did?


Kim: Yeah, I did



High Five*


Kim: I took an online course for coding and the company 100% paid for it. There was like a lot of these books I wanted to read


Kat: Yeah


Kim: To kind of help me like business-wise or just whatever else to kind of enhance myself on marketing and stuff and the company like 100% funded it


Kat: Yeah, the company like pays a 100% for any book


Kim: Yeah, any book or course and it’s amazing


Kat: Yeah, it’s amazing


Kim: So, last quarter we did Kickstarter, I have never done anything on Kickstarter


Kat: Right


Kim: And that was a huge learning curve for me. Okay, so this is how it works and this is how it doesn’t work. Yeah, it was a lot of learning going on. This quarter we’re working on print and podcast.


Kat: Yeah, exactly.


Kim: Right, I have no knowledge on that either so I’m very uncomfortable right now but it’s a huge learning curve.




Kim: But once you learn it, it’s great. Like once you understand. If I compared what I knew a year and a half compared to now, it’s like amazing, the learning curve was exponential


Kat: It’s the same for me too! There’s always something new, and the company doesn’t try to shield you, protect or even take it away from you. It’s more of like a you know we want you to fix it or get this done or figure out how to do it and we’ll help you do that.


Kim: Yeah, it’s really amazing! I don’t know a lot of companies that will facilitate that too.


Kat: Yeah, right.


Kim: Like a lot of companies, they require you to have the knowledge pre-set already and maybe they want to invest in you actually afterwards but it’s in your own time


Kat: Yeah, you’re kind of like you come in on a level, you kind of stay at the same level and leave at the same level


Kim: Yeah, exactly! And the best part is we’re actually allowed to reach out to like other entrepreneurs and other start-ups. We can kind of like talk and exchange ideas, which is great because it kind of goes back to the whole concept like you don’t really know what you don’t know and like we have our team obviously but you know when you work with people for too long and you get straight to the same ideas. So, it’s great to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs, you exchange like that and grow like that there’s just so much more you learn.  With that being said like whatever we do now will shift life I think there’s so much stuff that changed from a year ago to now.


Kat: It really depends on the brands you work with now and the brands we’re going to be working with in the next quarter, the whole field is out there.


Kim: For sure. So I’m personally somebody who hates “top-down” structure. I interned for a company, it was one of the biggest retailers in Canada and for me to get an idea pass it has to go through my boss, his boss and his boss’s boss. There’s definitely a chain of command that I cannot bypass – and if I bypass it –


Kat: Right, people can get really offended.


Kim: Like why are you doing that, like there’s a chain of command. But here it’s really easy it’s almost like, okay, if you feel like it’s going to work just show us that it’s going to work.




Kim: oh yeah, I don’t know there’s like so much more I can talk about, like actually did I miss anything, like it’s so good –




Kat: Keep that for next time!


Kim: Like why would you not want to work here?


Kat: We have board games and croissants!


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