#5 – Working at Galton Voysey, The Jar

Part 2 of a chat with Kim about what it’s like to work at Galton Voysey – including a little bit about the Jar!


Kim: Something that’s unique is that actually our founder and CEO hate it when we work on the weekends or after 5:30. It’s something they inherently hate, like if we said that worked until this time…

Kat: It’s not a pride thing, it’s a shame thing.

Kim: Yeah, like “how dare you work on weekends”, do you know what I mean? So sometimes if I have to invest time in something I just don’t say anything


Kat: Just hide

Kim: Because I feel a little bit ashamed if I am working on the weekend. But it is really about working in your time.

Something that’s really great, and like obviously there are companies that does it and other people that don’t. Here’s the work you need to do, just finish it. If you finish it, you can go home. If you have an emergency e.g. with your family you can go to that. It’s really great because we rewarded a work-life balance.

Kat: Yeah, it’s very understanding of your own time and your work time as two separate concepts.

Kim: Oh, actually something that was really interesting was added – so, we have this jar of money.

Kat: Oh, yeah we have “The Jar”

Kim: Yeah, which is really cool!

Kat: Let me go bring it in!

*Drops jar onto the table*

Kim: So, this jar, actually Kat why don’t you explain the jar?

Kat: So, we introduced the jar or the company introduced the jar to show that trust is the most important thing here, which is what Kim was talking about being transparent. Like, even if you were to make a mistake, just be transparent about it and the company will help you solve it.

So, this is a jar of money that we trust the team members to go in that they think will benefit the company. No questions asked! All that needs to happen is a receipt needs to go in so that we can log it. That’s it! You don’t have to go through any approval process, you don’t have to write up a reimbursement statement.

Kim: I actually tried using this, well I actually used it: to buy board games. So I’m a huge board game fanatic and I basically got everyone to try get on board with this, despite people reluctantly doing it. It’s fine everyone loves board games.


Kat: Sure, yeah all of us

Kim: So that was something that was not asked and I could just use it for that. Whenever colleagues use it to buy a chair or some chord.

Kat: Or a keyboard that fits them better, or a mouse because they have a size issue.

Kim: It’s just anything that you need. So that was actually something really interesting.

Recently, we ordered plants for everybody which is freaking awesome, by the way. So obviously, some people didn’t get the plant they want. So, some people were taking money to buy their own plants for the office, which is fine. We believe in a greener office, it is totally better.

Kat: I love the addition of the new plants as well

Kim: I know, they’re so cute!

Kat: They are adorable

Kim: On Mondays, we do this really cool session where we talk about what we’re doing for the rest of the week, like the whole company gets together. We talk for 30 minutes and breakfast is fully given to us

Kat: Yeah, it’s fully served.

Kim: It’s very delicious. We get croissant, like expensive croissants

Kat: and avocado.

Kim: Yeah, I think that’s about it.

Kat: Thank you very much!

Kim: Thank you Kat!


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