#6 – The Types of People We Look for at Galton Voysey (Part 1)

A chat with John about the types of people we look for at Galton Voysey.


Kat: Hi, so today I am here with John who acquires talent at Galton Voysey, so I thought it would be good for us to talk a little bit more about the people that we’re looking to hire here, so can you tell me a bit about the usual like profiles that we get through that we like.


John: I guess there’s no such thing as a usual profile for us, which is the strength of them anyways so we are diverse. I guess we look for bright, very can-do people, people that aren’t afraid to fail, people who aren’t afraid to try new things, people that aren’t afraid to step outside their job descriptions. So, to say there was a usual candidate would be I guess a bit silly.


Kat: Right, that’s true because we all have different backgrounds and are quite diverse in thinking and thoughts and I feel like it is good and healthy and not just an echo chamber of people who agree. I often will have a discussion and someone will have like a different opinion and those opinions are heard.


John: Yeah, and encouraged as well. I think disagreements encouraged rather than always trying to find consensus, you know I think you can kind of spot those people during the process.


Kat: What are some of the things you think people who are applying here should know that they might not see here in our website, like the things that can’t be conveyed through words or things.


John: I guess the culture here, you can’t really be conveyed through words, you’ve got to experience in a way. It was a learning curve for me as well. Sometimes, it can be a bit confronting as well because we ask people to do things they’re not used to doing. I guess our philosophy is for people to have not done it before, go away, learn it and give it a go. If you fail first time, then in a weird kind of way to celebrate it


Kat: That’s true, but also like something that like a candidate coming in might be able to see are the social events that we do. So, you organise some of them.


John: Yeah


Kat: I really enjoyed when we went to the Happy Valley Racecourses. It was something new for me, to get to know people outside of work. ‘


John: The thing I really like is the fact that the reason we do them isn’t because we force them upon to people is because people demand for us to do so




John: Which is a good sign. So, you know people come to me saying we’ve got to do this and we come up with ideas all the time and you know we’re never short of ideas, people really love it. So, whether it is the races at Happy Valley, whether it is the Galton Voysey happy hour that we do every Friday every month, whether it’s going to do the escape room.


Kat: Yeah, you guys went to do an escape room.


John: Yeah, it was cool! Or the weekend off in Phuket. These things come from everyone in the firm to really push to do stuff. I’ve got a long list of stuff that people want to do, so hopefully over the next year we will crank those out.


Kat: That’s great!





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