#7 – The Types of People We Look For at Galton Voysey (Part 2)

More on the types of people we look for at Galton Voysey, and what makes working here unique.


Kat: Yeah, you’ve been in recruitment for so long, laughter


John: Is this almost black and white *points at hair*


Kat: No, so what I was going to say was is you know for a candidate coming in what do you think is different about this company that wouldn’t necessarily be true about the other options a candidate might have you know out of university for example you know maybe switching jobs


John: You know, I think the big advantage about us is we don’t look at people and say okay you’ve got X rather experience therefore here’s the amount of responsibility we’re willing to give. It doesn’t matter how young you are and it doesn’t matter how old you are. You will be given as much responsibility as you can handle as you want


Kat: Right, that’s right.


John: So, you know if people were the more conservative, may want more structure, more formality. Whereas, people that are really hungry that you know want to, run a little bit this is the place to do so. If you demonstrated a certain level of skills or responsibility, you will be given as much as you can handle. You don’t have to wait you know to be here 2 years before you can do this. You don’t have to wait for your boss, it not one of those structures.


Kat: So, we recently have decided to take away what is conventional I guess in the basis


John: Yeah, well at lot of places have this probationary period but I guess we back ourselves. I mean our recruiting process is pretty through. We try to mimic the role itself so its more than an audition than just an interview. So, you know we trust our own decisions and we trust the people that we make an offer to. There is no probation period.


Kat: Right, because we believe that by the time we want to hire you we are all in.


John: Yeah, we are absolutely all in.


Kat: Well, I remember my first job I had like a probation period of 4 months and I joined but I never really… I didn’t know what that meant. Something in my head was like so there’s before probation and after probation. Before probation, I’m not really here and not really part of the family yet.


John: Exactly, it’s like your own your training wheels. Whereas for us, we throw you on the deep end. Probation’s got that kind of jail association with it.


Kat: Yeah, exactly like “we’ll let you out of probation now”


My last question I have is what is your favourite part about working here. Pause we do have an amazing view here!


John: I think it is the fact that things change so rapidly. We’re really an organization that.. we’re not following some well-trodden path. So, you know even week by week, quarter by quarter, as our strategy kind of evolves you know it’s a pioneer kind of mentality that I really enjoy.


Kat: Yeah, it’s super fast paced and things are always changing and adapting. That’s one of our values, and if the facts present themselves to you, you’d be willing and open to change your mind.


John: And the fact is here, unlike a lot of other companies where we have these brainstorming sessions where we invite anyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re an accountant, no matter whether you’re in HR or a videographer. To present your ideas about new microbrands, about the direction of the company, it could be about anything. You know, we want to get to utilize everyone’s skill and experience outside their natural job description right. That’s the thing I think everyone enjoys.


Kat: Okay, cool! I think that’s all for today. Not saying that we won’t film again but thank you, thank you very much!


John: Thanks




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