#5 – Working at Galton Voysey, The Jar

Part 2 of a chat with Kim about what it’s like to work at Galton Voysey – including a little bit about the Jar!


Kim: Something that’s unique is that actually our founder and CEO hate it when we work on the weekends or after 5:30. It’s something they inherently hate, like if we said that worked until this time…

Kat: It’s not a pride thing, it’s a shame thing.

Kim: Yeah, like “how dare you work on weekends”, do you know what I mean? So sometimes if I have to invest time in something I just don’t say anything


Kat: Just hide

Kim: Because I feel a little bit ashamed if I am working on the weekend. But it is really about working in your time.

Something that’s really great, and like obviously there are companies that does it and other people that don’t. Here’s the work you need to do, just finish it. If you finish it, you can go home. If you have an emergency e.g. with your family you can go to that. It’s really great because we rewarded a work-life balance.

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#4 – Working at Galton Voysey: Being a Student for life

Part 1 of a short chat with Kim about what it’s like working at Galton Voysey


Kim: A lot of people asked me when I got hired how did you shoot…

Kat: Don’t touch the table…


Kat: Hi, so today I’m here with Kim who is a growth hacker from Galton Voysey so I would like to talk about what it’s like to work here.

Kim: I think the great thing is the company is really willing to invest in you, to learn.

There’s a lot of stuff that I basically learnt along the way, because it wasn’t like we had an immediate mentor. What the company basically told us is that, you should really learn. Right, like we will invest in things that you think you need, that’s so important right

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#3 – The Social Side of Working at Galton Voysey

A quick chat with Jane Cheung about the social side of working at Galton Voysey – including a bit more about our board game night and our annual offsite trip!



Jane: Don’t you press the play button?

Kat: No it’s already going.

Jane: Oh, OK.


Kat: Hi! So I’m here today with Jane, who is part of Operations. So today I thought we would talk a bit more about the social side of Galton Voysey. So, for example, we do board game evenings which I know is quite unique, but is there anything else that we do that you haven’t really seen in other companies?

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#2 – How Galton Voysey Helps Brand Founders with e-commerce

A quick chat with Kim Woo about how Galton Voysey helps brand founders with certain aspects of e-commerce including A/B testing and e-mail marketing.


Kat: You look so grumpy – ah OK, you’re happy now! You were so grumpy just now.


Kat: Hi, so today I’m here with Kim who is a growth hacker here at Galton Voysey so I thought we would talk a little about growth hacking and what that is. So I work with you but I don’t really understand the whole thing – so can you explain a little about what you do and how you help the brands that we work with?

Kim: Basic stuff like websites – so we would do a lot of different optimizations of websites; so maybe most people don’t notice but different functions you have on the website, it’s not really done by accident. It’s purposefully done to kind of enhance the user experience to help you buy better.

Kat: Right, it’s like a science as opposed to like, a, ‘Oh we’ll just chuck anything in’ –

Kim: Yeah, basically.

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#1 – How Galton Voysey Helps Brand Founders with Manufacturing

A chat with Marine Antikainen, Chief of Staff, on how Galton Voysey helps brand founders with the manufacturing process.


Kat: Hi, so today I’m sat here with Marine, our Chief of Staff, and I thought I would try to learn a bit more about the – um – the manufacturing process. So, I think something that’s really interesting is that we help the banks that we work with manufacturing some of the products if they come to us with an idea and then we can go and execute on that or help them to do that. So what’s the process like? How do we even choose manufacturers – how do we contact them? I wouldn’t even know where to go and find out a factory’s phone number, for example.

Marine: Yeah, like, so it really depends what wee are trying to achieve – for example – for example, like if we have a French brand and we wanted to make a perfume. So for me it was very obvious that we would – that we are going to go for a French manufacturer, and if possible based in Grasse, that is like a city that has a very long history –

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